Rigid Stainless Steel Conduit System


  • Stainless Steel Conduit 5557 - AISI 304

  • IP67 junction system at competitive price

  • Full range of product for installation:

    • Couplings and Bends

    • Dual Coupling

    • Reinforced Clamps

    • IP66 junction boxes suitable for food industry.

  • Stock available


  • Outdoor applications (> 200m from the sea)

  • Industries *:

    • Food (Meat, Wine, oil ...)

    • Pharmaceutical (Laboratories, ...)

    • Healthcare (Hospitals, ...)

    • Chemical (Petrochemical, ...)

    • Sea ports

        * Exception: Chlorinated Environments

INOX Armet 90° Bend
Curva Armet 90 INOX

Stainless Steel Armet Coupling
Manguito Armet INOX

Stainless Steel Clamp
Abrazadera Tubo INOX

Stainless Steel Dual Coupling
Manguito Acoplamiento INOX

Stainless Steel Box Fastener
Fijacin Caja INOX

Stainless Steel Distribution Box
Caja de Derivacin INOX

Stainless Steel Armet Conduit
Tubo Armet INOX