Exothermic Welding

Aluminothermic welding is a method of electrically connecting high conductivity based on the exothermic reaction that occurs when combining aluminum and copper oxide, and start the reaction by ignition spark. The resulting reaction produces copper and molten slag superheated aluminum oxide.

The entire process takes place in a mold of high density graphite specifically designed for electrical connection of two or more conductors.

Welding conductivity and corrosion resistance are outstanding, due to high copper alloy (exceeding 97%).

Since it is an exothermic process, inside reaches more than 2000 ° C, we must exercise caution and follow the instructions and safety precautions carefully.

Flat Cable Molde
Molde Cable Recto Horizontal

Flat Cable T Mold
Molde Cable T Horizontal

Horizontal X Cable Mold
Molde Cable X Horizontal

Overlap X Cable Mold
Molde Cable X Superpuesto

Parallel Cable Horizontal Mold
Molde Cable Paralelo Horizontal

Rod T Vertical Mold
Molde Pica T Vertical

Rod X Vertical Mold
Molde Pica X Vertical

Vertical Cable T Mold
Molde Cable T Vertical

Welding Cardtrige
Cartuchos de soldadura

Cable Handle Clamps
Tenaza Sujección Cables

Conductor Cleaning Brush
Cepillo Carda para Conductores

Flint Ignitor
Pistola de Ignición

Handle Clamps
Tenazas Molde

Mold Cleaning Brush
Brocha Limpieza Molde

Mold Scraper
Paleta Raspadora Moldes

Sealing Paste Molds
Pasta de Sellado Moldes

Welding Glasses Protection
Gafas de Protección Soldadura

Welding Glove
Guantes de Proteccion Soldadura